Who should complete an application?

Everyone over the age of 18 who will be living in the unit is required to complete an application.

What do I need to include with the application?

A Letter of Employment or 2 current pay stubs.

If you work in Education, Healthcare or Law Enforcement, a Letter of Employment is required as we cannot verify your employment over the telephone due to privacy legislation.

Does Smith Agency accept people on Social Assistance?

Yes. If you are on social assistance, your current budget letter is required along with your application from whatever agency you receive income from (EIA, WCB, etc.).

How long does it take to know if I get the apartment?

The verification process usually takes 2 – 3 business days.

Incomplete applications will not be processed. Current and previous residence(s) must be completed even if you did not rent, were in another city or country, worked part time, etc.

I have a cat/ small dog. Is that okay?

Smith Agency does not allow pets of any kind in their buildings.

What if I have never had a lease before?

You may require a co-signer. Smith Agency works on rent / mortgage history, and we do not do credit checks.

What requirements must a co-signer have?

The co-signer should be a family member or close friend. This person must have a minimum of 5 years residence and employment history, be currently employed and make sufficient income for their own expenses and your rent (should it be necessary). The co-signer must have a moral obligation to the applicant i.e., family member.

If they own their own home, we require a one line letter from the bank indicating their mortgage is current and the payments are made on time.

The co-signer must sign the lease, and is financially responsible for the unit with you.

What happens when I am approved for a unit?

You will be notified and will have 24 hours to come in and sign the lease (all applicants and co signer).

We require that you bring the security deposit (half the current rent) and the appropriate first month’s rent for your unit.

Can I move in a few days early once I have signed the lease?

No, you may only gain access on the lease start date.

What options do I have to pay the rent?

You can pay with Interac, cash or cheque at the Smith Agency office.

You may also choose to set up pre-authorized payments or provide Smith Agency with post dated cheques.